Strontium Ammo 32GB 2.0 USB Pen Drive

1,199.00 399.00

Strontium Ammo 32GB 2.0 USB Pen Drive

  • High Speed Data Transfer Performance
  • Ultra-Thin and Sleek Form Factor
  • Highest Quality Flash Memory Component for Maximum Reliability and Fast Data Transmission
  • Compatibility: USB 3.1 (backward compatible with USB 3.0 & 2.0) ; Opening Mechanism: Capless ; Supported OS: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux


Strontium Ammo 32GB 2.0 USB Pen Drive

Product description

Strontium AMMO USB Flash Drive is a true beauty clad in a robust body with shiny metal finishing. With its sleek and lightweight body, it provides extreme convenience to users as they carry their music, photos, videos and other data around with ease. Furthermore, every AMMO Silver USB comes with a free metal key chain. Crafted with extreme care and excellent workmanship, this unique USB flash drive is certainly an object of desire for all users.


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